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—–>     Monday, January 21st, 2013 @ 8pm


After Saturn Returns


Astrology as Analogy for the Genesis of an Art Object…and Panel as a Fast Speculative Exhibition Template


Panel Participants and Works by:

Elizabeth Orr, Sam Payne, Van HanosLisa Cobbe, Zoe Wright, Lea Cetera, Tracy Molis, Beatrice Parsons, Sonya Cohen, Nadja Frank, James Yakimicki, Ian Warren.


With panelist seating sculpture by Ian Warren and Rory Parks.


With host: Rory Parks



















I don’t know what the Return of Saturn is. For some of us, maybe an answer to that would be enough. The planetary apparatus-structure of the cosmos keeps changing configuration since the moment we are born. It is like an unwieldy camera always shifting its parts. If a mediation occurs between you and this cosmological apparatus, is any imprint left over? 


If this cosmological residue is more durational than a photograph does that make it more analogous to a video, a painting or a film? 


I don’t see why this planetary apparatus wouldn’t imbue our lives with a certain internal narrative logic, but I don’t see how it could either… Or by what rational basis astrology, as it is agreed upon, functions by in order to claim its authority on the matter? Through its distanciation, it would be easier for me to believe in an astrology of artworks. Artworks have a particular gestation process, leading to something like a birth. The cosmos is in a certain configuration during the gestation, birth and life of an artwork too. Maybe by understanding an astrology of artworks, we can discern a different productive kernel of astrology’s odd rationality.



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