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—–>     Sunday, November 6th, 2011 @ 4pm




An Ugly Duckling Presse Book Release





















Readings, conversation, and wine with poets Jacqueline Waters and Anna Moschovakis

in celebration of the publication of Waters’ ONE SLEEPS THE OTHER DOESN’T

(Ugly Duckling Presse, November 2011)


Jacqueline Waters is the author of one previous collection, A MINUTE WITHOUT DANGER (Adventures in Poetry), and two chapbooks, THE SAW THAT TALKED (Minutes Books) and THE GARDEN OF EDEN A COLLEGE (A Rest Press).  She is the editor of  The Physiocrats, a pamphlet press.


The Poems in Jacqueline Waters’ highly anticipated second book, ONE SLEEPS THE OTHER DOESN’T, make the rounds of vigilance, distraction, absorption, conviction, and trepidation, via sudden bouts of vertigo and hard poetic work.  The serial poems in this collection ignite both halves of the brain, steering clear of unnecessary intimacy or excessive aloofness as they examine how the feelings of one person are modified by the presence of others.  ”If high wires and modesty can be said to coexist, to me [Waters’] poetry is a modest high-wire act whose magic lies in the apparent effortlessness of abrupt transition, not merely from one setting to another but from one sort of poetic attention to another.” – Charles North, The Boston Review


Anna Moschovakis is an editor at Ugly Duckling Presse.  She selected Jacqueline Waters’ ONE SLEEPS THE OTHER DOESN’T for publication at UDP.  Anna is the author of  YOU AND THREE OTHERS ARE APPROACHING A LAKE (Coffee House), and I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO GET THROUGH TO EVERYONE (Turtle Point Press), and the translator of Albert Cossery’s THE JOKERS (NYRB Classics).

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