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—–>     Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 @ 4:00pm


Work & Discussion


“Does what we do for money define who we are?”wecw

A conversation with:  Cathy Lebowitz & Michelle Levy





















Cathy Lebowitz and Michelle Levy are both arts professionals.  

Lebowitz has been an editor at an art magazine for over twenty years.

Levy is the director of an art organization and has worked in the field for eleven years.

But they also are both committed to the pursuit of their own creative endeavors.

This Red Door asked them to talk about their experiences working in the art world, how it differs from making art or writing, and how their official jobs effect their individual contributions.


Media:  Various media


Presentation Format: Open group and visitor round table discussion, no lecture


Moderators:  Jomar Statkun, Christopher Stackhouse & Jared Friedman


Work & Discussion is a series of conversations between creators, thinkers, and good talkers about subjects ranging from art, literature, performance, utilitarian labor, education and teaching, scholarship, and ways of living.



Photos from event:



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