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-->     Saturday, FEBRUARY 8th, 2014 @ 12 noon


Daily Fresh Herbs: Cooking & Performance


by Per Schumann & Malte Zacharias























During our stay in NY, I will work on a daily-growing drawing on the wall of the Kunsthalle Galapagos. Since 2006, I have been working on ballpoint-pen drawings, which I would describe as organic plantlike structures made of images, experiences, observations, moods and ideas collected during daily life.


On Saturday at 12 noon Malte and I will cook and offer a meal together, and I will give a short lecture performance, titled : “the colors in grey.”

What we usually do is to involve different people and communities into a mixture of cooking, lecture performances and idea exchanges, transforming galleries or other spaces into temporary “oases”, like we did in our hometowns Hamburg and Berlin, and on past trips to San Francisco, Portland, NY, London, Istanbul and Shanghai.


The mobile-kitchen-cart is for us a picture for an invitation for a coming together in an improvised way on a long table to share some food, experience and ideas .


In 2012 we built one of the mobile-kitchen-carts out of recycling and scrap wood in NY and made a big loop through NY visiting Off Spaces, Galleries and Community Gardens.


-Per Schumann



Photos from event:



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