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—–>     Friday, July 12th, 2013 @ 8:00pm


dissident desire


Chapter 0: Introducing daydreams of precarious bodies


Episode 2. Activation by  Elena Basteri, Emanuele Guidi und Elisa Ricci // Rehearsing Collectivity 



















In their contribution Elena Basteri, Emanuele Guidi and Elisa Ricci intend to rework a set of keywords that emerged during the development of their project ‘Rehearsing Collectivity – Choreography Beyond Dance’ that took place between 2011and 2012 at Tanzfabrik/Uferstudios in Berlin (Exhibition /Performances/ Lectures / Publication). Responding to the present invitation, texts excerpts, videos and sound material that originally composed ‘Rehearsing Collectivity’ will be rearranged so as to contextualise the project’s narrative and produce a renewed constellation of ideas and tools which hopefully can contribute to the toolbox that ‘Dissident Desire archive’ aims at building. Two years after the realization of the project it is a challenge to reflect on the possibilities for the long-term transmission of curatorial knowledge, and therefore on the sustainability of curatorial projects.



Photos from event:



























dissident desire takes its departure point from the exploration of the performative and bio-political status of the contemporary body. The ongoing project unfolds in its initial chapters at District Kunst- und Kulturförderung Berlin and in its urban surroundings from June to December 2013. dissident desire juxtaposes an archive, public programs, a set of collaborative art projects, an exhibition and a publication with the aim of creating a “critical toolbox”.


In search of proactive propositions, dissident desire. Chapter 0: Introducing daydreams of precarious bodies. combines approaches to collaborative cultural research within urban labour environments and experimental learning practices in the frame of a public archive. Thus, we want to confront strategies which look at the way precarious bodies are produced and represented within our societies and tactics which explore and enact dissident knowledges to counter these developments: alternative imaginations and practices of re-arrangement in everyday life.


More info about the project at District.

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