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—–>     January 1st – January 31st, 2013 (ongoing)


Emotional Vouchers


John Keene presents Emotional Vouchers a project by the Field Research Study Group”



A performance mediated by the serial gift exchange of small business cards called Emotional Vouchers, writer/artist/ Rutgers University professor John Keene with Field Research Study Group A presents his latest study Emotional Outreach Project, 4.0. This Red Door is assisting Keene and FRSGA’s public reach with a modest installation that houses the voucher cards in our room that is filled with an increasing volume of objects, planned events, and extemporaneous occurrences. We view Keene’s conceptual presence in the space we currently inhabit at Kunsthalle Galapagos as a constant recurring operation in collaboration with the visiting public and participating attendees during the course of our stay. We encourage people of every ilk and concern to come take a voucher and hopefully pass it on. Further details regarding this project can be found in Keene’s and FRSGA’s public announcement located on this web page.



Note: Emotional Vouchers from  Emotional Project, 4.0 have been available at This Red Door/Kunsthalle Galapagos since December 13, 2012.











































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