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-->     Monday, January 27th, 2014 @ 7PM doors, 8PM presentation




by Anna Bradfield & Gary Dusek


























Finding… is a series of video/object collages created as collaboration between Anna Bradfield and Gary Dusek. Finding invites people to participate in the private realm of the artist – the process. Finding… proposes that the work itself is something we ‘find’ as artists; often through a random process of discovery, appropriation and assemblage.


This concept is embodied in a moving visual art installation produced by filming the process of creating a work of assembled objet trouvés. The film is projected onto the 3D canvas that is the physical result of this process. The first movement focuses on the creation process. The physical aspect of the work was created using exclusively found objects; from canvases found on the street to a donation from a deceased artist. The second movement in the series was created during the This Red Door residency using crowd-sourced donations and found materials. It explores the finding done in collaboration: of ourselves as artists, of each other, of the magic of the circumstantial.


We invite people to participate in the experience and, there, to find for themselves what they will.



Videos from event:
































Photos from event:



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