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-->   Tuesday, FEBRUARY 25th, 2014 @ 7 PM


Flamenco Magnetico


by Nicolas Anatol Baginsky





















First of all FLAMENCO MAGNÉTICO is music and dance. But on the other hand it’s a film. A film about flamenco and a film about three small robots. But FLAMENCO MAGNÉTICO is also an installation equally suitable for exhibition as well as for performance.


Each robot is controlled by it’s own small processor, running an operation system especially designed to interpret the flamenco circle. This flamenco circle is an algorithm that can generate many different “types”of flamenco rhythms. The robot operation system can overlay different patterns on the flamenco circle. Measure, different types of accentuation and the “entry point” of the circle can be defined. This produces exciting patterns that, in interaction with the mechanical and physical properties of the robot, result in exceptional dance and music.


FLAMENCO MAGNÉTICO is the last piece in a series of sculptural machines that began in 1989. The current installation uses three pieces out of an edition of ‘Flamenco Machines’ from 1999 with Galerie Andreas Schlueter, Hamburg. In 2005 they played in FLAMENCO MAGNÉTICO the film, which was the basis for an installation by the same name in 2008. In 2014, the set was completely rebuilt to achieve a more theatrical performance with new sound and light. And to fit into a suitcase.


The second piece that Baginsky will bring to TRD is an audible performance that explores the acoustic properties of the exhibition space. Involving small string instruments and very small sculptures made by the artist.



Photos from event:



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