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—–>     Monday, January 28th, 2013 @ 7:30pm


George Positive  Negative World

































Photo:  Neil Leifer



George Positive:


“- Negative World – is my (his) 2nd solo project back to Hip Hop. The production & arrangement is done entirely by George Positive on an iPhone, which has been mixed in a studio post production. There are no samples used in this album, everything is done from scratch to enhance new sound to provoke the alliance between cheap (low-fi) and big expensive production that we now hear and/or accept as either a new sound in Rap or Pop. This project gave almost no attention to ‘Hooks’ or ‘Chorus’ (except for 1 song) that we now depend so deeply to remember radio hits. In fact, there are no songs on the radio today without a Hook that repeats itself at least 3 times and the artists’ success heavily depends on the simplicity and the catchiness of the Hook. In Negative World, the beats tend to build up with minimal changes, which (hopefully) in itself would replace the emptiness of a Hook and be memorable like when a child tries to remember a song by humming its basic notes, off tune.


At the same time, I did not intend Negative World to be part of the back-pack rap chain that tend to denounce new hip-hop for the ‘real shit’ that contradicts all arguments towards this subject, in my opinion. Ideally, I would ask the listener to pay attention by paying no attention at all and be part of it by simply accepting its irritability or fun.


Negative World is set to be released on line for FREE in early March. I’m proud to present this project for the first time at The Red Door on Monday Jan 28th at 7:30pm.”



Photos from event:




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