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—–>     November 18th – 20th, 2011 (Friday – Sunday)




A multi-media collaboration between:


This Red Door, The Vocal Booth, and Cortez Killer Cutz

















“Mices,” coming this weekend, (November 18th – 20th) will feature Cortez Killer Cutz’s pirate radio audio sculpture (NYC FM number station to be announced), the public art & music emcee project The Vocal Booth, and live video projection with highlights from past events at This Red Door.


There will also be round table discussions and interviews with past and future TRD participants, plus screenings of previous TRD artist’s work and discussions, including “occupy Kara Walker,” Rona Yefman’s “2 FLAGS – The last battle of the Stripes and the Hoods,” a video by Zefrey Throwell, Chris Domenick’s “Orion,” Francesse Maingrette’s “Jazz Odyssey: Remembering Abbey Lincoln,” Nadja Frank’s “Zido,” and more…


All events are open to the public.





























Cortez Killer Cutz:

Featuring DJ Decker Radiaro aka DJ Decks, is a pirate radio audio sculpture (NYC FM number station to be announced) that will present hip-hop, Brit-pop, Norteno, R&B and Mash-Up. In collaboration with This Red Door, it will feature interviews and political commentary regarding labor, music, and international urban cultural trends.


The Vocal Booth:

“Me and my people,

The Extraordinary Individuals

We do this thing.

Willie Survive named it The Vocal Booth.

See, when we’ve had enough rehearsal amongst ourselves and wanna share with (as Bugs Bunny used to say) “Me Public!” Willie Survive will raise the riot gate on the empty storefront we practice in (today at This Red Door). We’ll run our set live and then invite any passerby: “If you got a hot 16 and wanna kick it/step in the vocal booth we got ya free ticket!” If you just want to come in and vibe you’re also more than welcome.”

- Rev. Zookness


This Red Door:

A collaborative attempt by artists Jomar Statkun, Jared Friedman, and Christopher Stackhouse to expand terms and conditions that may define ‘studio practice’.  Our room behind the door is a discursive space where we integrate an address to the plastic arts through a salon styled rotation of objects, tandem lectures, informal talks, literary readings, film/video screenings, short plays, music, dinner parties, among other kinds of impromptu gatherings and aleatory occurrences.  It is our hope that an open ended interpretation of art and social functionality treated this way will inspire non-hierarchical secular discussion between artists and the general public about topics including arts education, politics, barter economies, social capital, personal taste and opinion, and friendship.  To develop a porous group conversation that is inviting to strangers and old familiars alike is the goal.  We plan to keep the door to our studio open (literally) as often as we can.  Whether we are working there, having an event, or just entertaining friends and acquaintances, we welcome visitors interested in experiencing the place upon which they are entering.



The Weekend Program (November 18th – 20th):


*Friday, November 18th:


1:00pm – “Mices” kick off discussion – On the air and recorded:

Informal round table discussion with This Red Door, The Vocal Booth, Cortez Killer Cutz & invited guests (the many artists who have participated in TRD since its opening).


4:00pm – Interview with Eric Ramos Guerrero (artist behind Cortez Killer Cutz) hosted by TRD


5:00pm – Interview with DJ Decks of Cortez Killer Cutz hosted by TRD


6:00pm – Interview with The Extraordinary Individuals hosted by DJ Decks


7:00pm – Interview with This Red Door (TRD) hosted by Hollis Witherspoon


8:00pm – Interview with Hollis Witherspoon hosted by TRD


9:00pm til late (time permitting, screenings will also continue Saturday & Sunday nights…) – Screening of “occupy Kara Walker,” Rona Yefman’s “2 FLAGS – The last battle of the Stripes and the Hoods,” a video by Zefrey Throwell, Chris Domenick’s “Orion,” Francesse Maingrette’s “Jazz Odyssey: Remembering Abbey Lincoln,” Nadja Frank’s “Zido,” and more…



*Saturday, November 19th:


This Red Door & Cortez Killer Cutz presents:


3:00pm – Lior Shvil (performance)


5:00pm – Dixie Lee (performance) – “Occupy the World”, excerpts from the M&M’s: Martin & Malcolm


6:00pm – Gold Smoke (performance)


7:00pm – Jared Friedman (performance)


8:00pm – The Hot Holy Mess (performance) –


9:00pm – Work & Discussion with The Hot Holy Mess


10:00pm til late – Screenings continued…



*Sunday, November 20th:


In collaboration with This Red Door & Cortez Killer Cutz:


3:00pm – 7:00pm – The Vocal Booth, featuring performances by George Positive and The Extraordinary Individuals.

The Vocal Booth is a community based freestyle rap performance inviting anyone walking by to come in and rhyme.  Bring your rapping skills, we’ll be broadcasting them through the airwaves late Sunday afternoon!


9:00pm til late – Screenings continued…






















Photos from event:



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