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-->     Saturday, JANUARY 11th, 2014 @ 2:00 PM

*(at Econo Graphics in Greenpoint)*


Monoprint Workshop


with Michael Hecht




























Come and learn monoprint from a great teacher! The amazing Michael Hecht, who taught me (Jared Friedman, TRD band member) how to screenprint almost two decades ago, is coming to New York to teach for whoever wants to learn. He’ll demonstrate classic (and not-so-classic) waterbased monoprint techniques that often get overlooked in favor of more complex print disciplines, but that can be used to produce amazing images without enormous amounts of labor or a very steep learning curve. A new medium to add to your arsenal! Or a brand new outlet for self expression! Plus, this will be a hands-on workshop with materials available for anyone who feels like making a print right there and then.


The workshop will be held in my workshop – my screenprinting studio at 649 Morgan Avenue, between Nassau and Norman Avenues, in Greenpoint. I’m in studio 2-O, but the intercom doesn’t work, so we’ll all meet out front at 2, and any latecomers can call my cell at 917 754 2829.



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