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-->   Thursday FEBRUARY 27th, 2014 @ 8 PM





















*serving suggestion



Well, we’ve made it nearly two months (and what incredible months they have been) and we’ve decided it’s about time we had an opening. Please come out and celebrate all the amazing work from all the amazing artists we’ve been able to gather at TRD! Everything will be on the walls (and floor) – sculptures, paintings, drawings, prints, the entire history of TRD #4 assembled for one night and one night only. We will provide snacks and probably red wine in plastic cups, though feel free to bring drinks if the spirit moves you.


We will also have a toast to the Personal Desire Propaganda project, which started a little over a year ago at TRD iteration #2. There are some amazing new prints that will be on display, and all of them are of course just ten bucks each.



Photos from event:




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