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July 28th – 29th, 2012


PAUSE at NADA Hudson


This Red Door is featured at PAUSE @ NADA Hudson














PAUSE @ NADA Hudson – July 28 and 29th, 2012 – Hudson, NY


How can an Artist impact a community? What does this look like? What is possible?



Proposals for Engage Culture is a project developed by PAUSE that promotes and displays the multitude of artistic ideas and concepts that have yet to or may never be produced.  With a specific interest in socially centered artistic practice, we wish to provide artists with an opportunity to present proposals for projects focused directly on community engagement and participation.  NADA Hudson provides a unique context to exhibit a vast collection of possibilities for what could be, with an expressed desire is to locate audiences that wish to support this type of work.  For NADA Hudson, we are inviting artists throughout the Hudson Valley to submit project proposals that model artists as active participants in their community.  During the fair, these proposals will be displayed on a series of stands, where the audience will be invited to review them, vote for their favorite, record audio responses as a part of a radio broadcast, and should they feel so inclined, provide financial support to see the project realized.  The proposals will also be documented for the web and made available through various online channels to further extend the reach of work. In many ways, Proposals for Engage Culture is responding to the need for art and culture to have a more direct connection to the local community.  In this case, our hope is to create a more connected, situated relationship between the artists and the local public, being a stimulus for new modes of cultural production.  At PAUSE we are interested not solely in the object for sale, but the relationships and processes used in the creation of art.



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