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—–>     Sunday, January 13th, 2013 @ 4pm


Book Launch Party and Reading for Plural a volume of poetry

by Christopher Stackhouse





























In celebration of the publication of this volume of poetry Stackhouse has invited stage actors, artists, poets, and every day people to make selections from the book themselves to interpret through personalized readings of his poems. Each invited reader will also read and/or perform from texts they have written or have selected for the occasion authored by another writer. Impromptu readings from the book by other visiting attendees are welcomed. Stackhouse will also give a short reading of new work.


Some of the confirmed participants are -


Tonya Foster

Aram Jibilian

John Keene

Hollis Witherspoon

Adam Marnie


Annie Branson

Zane Stackhouse

Jared Friedman

Pooneh Maghazehe

Anna Morgan



Poet/Critic Geoffrey Jacques writes  about Plural -


“This is a beautiful book, full of syntactical surprises and verbal juxtapositions such as one only finds in the most adventurous and exciting poetry. If the range of reference in these poems is astonishing, so is the achievement that places this work within that small, but vital company of poets whose visual sensitivity and sublime ears are informed not only by literary convention but also by long practice in creative disciplines in addition to literature. This work s originality is startling, and its artistic context might be hard for some readers to grasp. That s a good thing, but if we must have reference points, let us go to writers like Jean Arp, Pierre Reverdy, Cecil Taylor, or Russell Atkins. If we allow ourselves to think in those terms, we will then discover that, with Christopher Stackhouse, we have a literary artist who draws from a special discipline and toolkit all his own as he works to make the aural and the visual serve the ends of language.”



For more info about Plural visit here –



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Photos from event:



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