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—–>     Wednesday, November 9th, 2011 @ 8pm


Samita Sinha & Julia Uleha II

















On the evening of November 9th, Julia Ulehla and
Samita Sinha inhabit This Red Door in order to explore and excavate
the unseen worlds within song and raga. These two artists steeped in
very different musical traditions–Samita draws from deep grounding in
North Indian classical music, folk and ritual music, with songs and
texts in several languages; while Julia spent the last 4 years with
Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards working with the
sonic and performative possibilities of the poetic word, as well as
songs from West Africa, Haiti and the American South–though her
training and early career lie in Western classical music, opera,
oratorio, and cabaret.


Presenting three works-in-progress, they will explore voice and body
in space, and potential sonic energy found in the respective musical
material and traditions from which they draw. Since they work deeply
with sound, they have invited visual artists– Niki Ulehla on October
24th and Aram Jibilian on November 9th– to design their spatial
environment, adding visual details, costumes, and set pieces to
construct concrete physical worlds in which their sound experiments
can live.



Photos from event:



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