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—–>    Saturday, October 22nd, 2011 @ 11:59pm (midnight) – Sunday, October 23rd, 2011 @ 12 noon


“Sunday Brunch”





















Photo by Zefrey Throwell



Sunday Brunch is a durational performance organized in collaboration by Birgit Larson and Genevieve White. The planned event will present alternating and overlapping performances of edible and non-edible food preparation and service, with the activities of cleaning and space organization. These interchanging tasks will shape a sensual and intellectual twelve hour experience performed between the turn of midnight and noon Sunday, October 23, 2011, culminating into a post-performance public brunch at the discursive space and studio known as This Red Door. The two organizers would like to coordinate upwards of forty artists to achieve this marathon-like evening-to-morning engagement.



Larson and White site these quotes as inspirational -


“Art is the production of objects for consumption, to be used and discarded while waiting for a new world in which man will have succeeded in freeing himself of everything, even of his own consciousness.”

 – Eugenio Montale


“Consumption may be regarded as negative production.” 

 – Alfred Marshall


“Starting in 1979 and continuing up to now what I do is the night before the first performance of a tour, I’ll show up extra late when everybody’s gone after a rehearsal, nobody there but a couple of crew and some night watchmen. I get a big bath towel, get on my hands and knees, and I wash every square centimeter of that stage. It takes me quite a while, but it reevaluates for me that if I am willing to do that – – if you are willing to get on your hands and knees, like a wash-woman, and scrub every centimeter of that deck – – then there is nothing left to do. There is no further commitment that you can make. Once you wash-woman the floor a few thousand times, your focus on how to think and get something done develops geometrically – making it happen, taking care of business.”

 – David Lee Roth



Photos from event:



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