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-->  Wednesday, FEBRUARY 5TH, 2014 @ 7PM doors, 8PM (sharp!) presentations


The Art of the Artist Talk (Lightning Round)


Hosted by Blake Carrington with Marte Kiessling, Zefrey Throwell, Christopher Gianunzio, Sarah Chipps, Deborah Johnson, Sean McElroy, Sarah Nelson Wright, Dana Levy, Colin Todd, David Colosi, Julie McKim, and Shane Hope




























Navigating the etiquette of talking about your work can be daunting.  One should come off as confident but not pushy, concise but not too “pitchy”.  Is this a casual situation where your partner is asking about your work just to be polite?  Or is it acceptable to give something approaching an actual answer?  Deflection is the order of the day… better to just talk up a friend’s work instead and avoid the politics of narcissism altogether.


Being invited to give a formal talk, though, is typically seen as a pleasure.  You get official sanction to feed that narcissist tendency, to speak of your work at a depth that perhaps others haven’t written about or noticed.  There it is, a personal trajectory unfolding over years, full of nuance and evolution.  Brilliant.


If you have the time, that is.


For “The Art of the Artist Talk (Lightning Round)”, 12 artists will each give a 5-minute presentation that is ostensibly a talk about their work.  Maybe it’ll be more of a performance or something, or the creation of a new work.  Not sure, that’s up to them.


And when the timer hits five-oh-oh they’ll get the long-Oscar-acceptance-speech treatment.  But instead of violins I’ll have some doom metal and noise music.



Video(s) from event:
































Photos from event:





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