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—–>     Friday, December 28th, 2012 @ 8pm


The Berlin Myth?  with John von Bergen

















An increasing number of artists from all over the world continue to move to Berlin, Germany. As broadcast and print media have picked up on the trend, publicized fervor has escalated its allure as a haven for emerging artists. Though Berlin’s reputation grows as a global center for culture, artist John von Bergen posits the question: How realistic are these assumptions, and how comparable is Berlin to New York City (specifically to the thriving borough of Brooklyn)?


U.S. born artist John von Bergen will explore some of the utopian myths surrounding Berlin’s contemporary art scene. Von Bergen will invite a closer look and practical take on issues including the cost of living, social milieu, commercial viability in its art market, and the institutional support available for artists.


Subsequent opening statements and a brief presentation by the artist with Q&A, this will be an open forum roundtable discussion.



John von Bergen studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York, and moved to Berlin in 2003 with an invitation by the Berlin Senate for Culture, Science and Research. Since living in Germany his work has been exhibited in various international museums, galleries and institutions, including Galerie Schmela (Düsseldorf), Wilhelm-Hack Museum (Ludwigshafen), Pera Museum (Istanbul), Kjubh Kunstverein (Cologne) and Smack Mellon (Brooklyn). In 2009 von Bergen received The Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant, and in October 2012 had opened his first South American exhibition “Post-Hyper” at Galeria Pilar (São Paulo).



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