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—–>     Friday, August 9th, 2013 @ 8:00pm


“Von der Erde in die Sonne und zurück”


mit dem “mobile-kitchen-cart


cooking and lecture


Per Schumann & Malte Zacharias
































































Per Schumann, “Weltmodell Nr. 23“

1,30m x 75 cm  ball pen and color pencil 



What we usually do is to involve different people and communities into a mixture of cooking, lecture performances and idea exchanges, transforming Galleries or other spaces into temporary “oases”,

like we did in our hometowns Hamburg and Berlin and in past trips to San Francisco, Portland, NY, London, Istanbul or Shanghai. Places  that allow people to enter a space beyond the usual settings of daily routine life.

2010 we’ve build the first  “mobile-kitchen-cart” inspired by all the people there using self made carts for any kind of business, independent and made with a small amount of money.


We transformed the idea of the market cart into the smallest unit of an independent art space: a foldout kitchen-table that can be used for a pop up coming together , sharing a meal with each other and presenting/ sharing Ideas, experience, Artwork in a non commercial “space “.



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