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-->   Saturday, FEBRUARY 22nd, 2014 @ 5-8 PM


Waiting Room


an evening curated by Leah Wolff & Guy Ben-Ari




















We are pleased to invite you to Waiting Room – an evening of cathartic art making at Kunsthalle Galapagos. In the gallery, a worktable with tools and clay will be provided and visitors are invited to re-create something that they have lost. Many times the things we lose become obsessions, causing us to compulsively replace them to fill the void of their absence. The viewer recreates the object according to their memory, altering the scale and bringing out certain details. In doing so, they are able to free themselves from the loss by collectively memorializing the object. At the end of the evening, these sculptures will become a still life of lost objects. The clay is not air dry, so its physicality is impermanent –  existing only in its documentation.


Waiting Room will also include a collection of works by artists Arielle Amenoff, Tryn Collins, Mark Joshua Epstein, Jesse Greenberg, Kristina Lee, Naomi Lev, Lauren Luloff, Bea Parsons and Jessica Segall.



Photos from event:



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