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-->   Wednesday, FEBRUARY 26th, 2014 @ 7 PM




by Johanna Tiedtke & Daisy Atterbury with Jamie Kelly & Genji Amino






















Women were suffering in this case…. youʼre not sure if you like it applied to the voting statement. A woman can suffer in SO many ways, and this is one of them. And you all might already know all of these things, but you had to share a few things just in case! You just learned about it last spring. Womenʼs suffrage? You mean sufferING. well there is always that saying womens suffrage, so you were going off of that.. lol Well you havenʼt read your links yet, but if you trying to tell yourself that it means women having the right to vote, you know that …lol. The word “suffrage” means vote. Voting. Any kind of voting. You know that. You just donʼt think it should be limited to that form of usage. You donʼt think it should mean just that. Because women were clearly suffering in this case. The definition of the word “suffrage” is the right to vote. You know. You donʼt like that. You donʼt think thatʼs the way it should be. You donʼt understand. You canʼt change the definitions of words … you donʼt think you understand.



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