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-->     Saturday, JANUARY 18th, 2014 @ 3PM


“Why Collaborate?”


Cathy Lebowitz & Steph Gonzalez-Turner




















This will be my fourth collaboration with This Red Door. At PS 122, we had a conversation about work: Do the jobs we do for money define who we are? It was agreed that they do not. At Galapagos in 2012-13, I collaborated with the designer Pascale Gatzen, and we invited people to make a blanket together with clothes everyone brought. Calling the two three-hour gatherings “Work Circles,” we used the time and space as a temporary autonomous zone to explore the idea of work and its connection to capital. In Berlin this past summer, I invited artist Steph Gonzalez-Turner to collaborate with me. We spent a couple days collecting castoffs, and in response to This Red Door in its residence at REI Kunst, we made This Red Coaster System.


Steph and I have continued our conversation and want to ask some questions:


How does visibility affect the nature of the collaboration? How does collective identity differ from individual identity?How can one participate in a capitalist paradigm in a more humane way, with more empathy? We hope you will join us to respond to these questions in an informal round table discussion.

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