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—–>     Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 @ 8:00pm


Work & Discussion with Adrian Alecu







































“A fragment of time”


A night in the city. Light is coming from the street lamps, and illuminating the shadows.

A young man is sitting at a table, eating a

small meal at a restaurant patio facing the street. On the other side

of the street a bus is coming. People are getting off.

I take a few pictures and  go further with my small camera. I try  not

to be observed, and not to disturb. The street, a neverending stage

with acting people. These people have no names, they have no

stories.   Where did they come from and where are they going, who

knows…? What is the difference between  “come” and “go”? Maybe the

time they are taking.  They are my protagonists, and our guide through

this film.



Photos from event:
























Media:  Film/Video


Presentation Format: Open group and visitor round table discussion, no lecture


Moderators:  Jomar Statkun, Christopher Stackhouse & Jared Friedman



Work & Discussion is a series of conversations between creators, thinkers, and good talkers about subjects ranging from art, literature, performance, utilitarian labor, education and teaching, scholarship, and ways of living.

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