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—–>     Saturday, July 27th, 2013 @ 8:00pm


Work & Discussion with Janine Eggert & Philipp Ricklefs



























„… In their collaborative work, Janine Eggert and Philipp Ricklefs call attention to the process of transformation and explore the potential of state vs. change, but also fathom the possibilities of individuality and dependency. The question of how things interact with each other concerns color and form as well as spectator and space, coincidence and intention, and also their own form of collaboration – a shared and common occupation with a process of artistic expression.


Necessarily this is always preceded by an impression: an idea, result of the imprint of perception in the process of communication, which is constantly and mutually taking place. Their works take shape in numerous different formats, that seriously derange the structure of processual realization of an artwork from start to finish, from the drawing to the sculpture. …“


Eggert/Ricklefs: Supernova in The System, Wiebke Gronemeyer


Eggert/Ricklefs will present and talk about their most recent works that draw on the Technological Sublime and will give insight in the collaborative process itself and how their large scale installations come to existence.


Janine Eggert and Philipp Ricklefs both obtained a Diploma at the HfbK Hamburg and undertake regular research trips to explore the technological accomplishments of human kind. Their works are part of several private collections in Germany. In 2012 they completed a large scale public sculpture at the Hamburg America Center, Hamburg.




Photos from event:


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