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—–>     Friday, July 26th, 2013 @ 8:00pm


Work & Discussion with Josephine Links (Director) & Anne Jünemann (Editor)


Screening a work in progress “The Worth of Life” (working title)

















“The Worth of Life” is a poetic documentary about the beginning of life and the question of how much we really want to know and to control.


Nowadays women are faced with ever-greater technological progress that forces them to deal with many questions and take decisions. It is often hard to find the right answer. How much do we want to know about the small being curled up inside and what do we do if “things are not quite right”? The film combines different lifestyles, experiences and emotions and gently poses the question of how we should deal with the new options and the consequences that arise – as expectant parents, doctors or society.


The film is still in the editing process and will be shown in german without subtitles


Length 80 minutes



Photos from event:

























Media:  Film


Presentation Format: Open group and visitor round table discussion, no lecture


Moderators:  Jomar Statkun, Christopher Stackhouse & Jared Friedman



Work & Discussion is a series of conversations between creators, thinkers, and good talkers about subjects ranging from art, literature, performance, utilitarian labor, education and teaching, scholarship, and ways of living.

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