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—–>     Saturday, January 26th, 2013 @ 3-6pm


“Work Circles,” organized by Cathy Lebowitz and Pascale Gatzen



























Grandma Moses, The Quilting Bee, 1950, oil on pressed wood, Private Collection



It is as difficult to imagine life without money as it would be to describe the color red.  Thinkers like Slavoj Zizek and Alain Badiou maintain that our moment calls for small experiments.  For John Berger, they are pockets of resistance, playing out scenarios of a society not governed by capital—a kind of dreamtime, a situational space in which new realities are imagined.  In dreamtime, realities we haven’t yet thought of take on material form in image and language.  This Work Circle will be a moment to make and imagine together.  Drawing inspiration from the rich tradition and social practice of quilting bees, we will make a blanket using clothes we no longer wear.


Historically, quilting bees were an opportunity not only to work on a quilt, but also to share recipes, advice, local and familial news, and just generally socialize with other members of one’s community.  Ruby Hoette and Elisa van Joolen will present images and text to provide context and inspiration for the collaborative work.  While making, Caroline Woolard will playfully facilitate a conversation, reflecting on the themes introduced above and advancing questions and insights generated by the participants during the gathering.


Please bring old clothes and your willingness to sew.  No experience necessary: Instruction and the sharing of simple techniques will be part of the collaborative process.



Photos from event:



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