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This Red Door

at Kunsthalle, Galapagos I (Brooklyn, New York)

December 2012 - January 2013




-  Door Opens: "Welcome to This Red Door"

-  Keynotes with Pooneh Maghazehe & Nick Paparone

-  Work & Discussion with Joan Waltemath, “Forays: a metaphysical mapping"

-  My Geniza: A Piled-Up Poem with Raphael Rubinstein

-  Crying Forever: How Disney Conditions Us for Tragedy with: Zefrey Throwell,        Lucia Love and Lorelei Ramirez

-  The Berlin Myth? with John von Bergen

-  Gorky and the Glass House Revisited, A Guided Tour with Aram Jibilian

-  Vincent Katz presents Current Projects, including “Assay : Fort”

-  Morgan O’Hara and Nora Stephens

-  Book Launch Party & Reading for Plural by Christopher Stackhouse

-  A Strong Hand That Nonetheless Gets You Nowhere by Blake Carrington

-  Empty Vestibules: Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, and Spaces. Organized by

   Chris Domenick with Becky Brown, RH Lossin, and Gideon Fink Shapiro

-  Before the Object: An evening of Utopian Austerity, Medieval Cereal Gruel and      Pinch of Hegel hosted by Ernst Fischer

-  Work & Discussion with Peter Acheson

-  A night focused on Personal Desire Propaganda hosted by Grayson Cox

-  “Work Circles,” organized by Cathy Lebowitz and Pascale Gatzen

-  After Saturn Returns: Astrology as Analogy for the Genesis of an Art Object…and    Panel as a Fast Speculative Exhibition Template hosted by Rory Parks

-  Three Paintings: A Work & Discussion with Sangram Majumdar, Patricia Treib,        and Karla Wozniak

-  The Gift of the Art Object(closing reception)hosted by This Red Door and Lynda    Erickson Gallery Project Space*

-  Six Non-Lectures with Thom Donovan, Andrew Durbin, Allison Power, Katie            Raissian, Ariana Reines, and Emily Skillings

-  Lost and Collected, opening for “The Table” curated by Ruby Hoette

-  Überfällig, opening for “The Table” curated by Julie Mckim. Featuring:

   Elia Bettaglio, Nicole Blonder, Jeff Kao, David Pierce and Albert Shelton

-  “Work Circles II," organized by Cathy Lebowitz and Pascale Gatzen

-  Transcription of Piero Manzoni’s Infinite line with Sewing Machine

   with Elena Berriolo

-  Auralingus hosted by Jesse Weiss. Featuring: Leah Wolff, Tracy Mollis, Grayson    Cox, David Brooks, Seth Scantlen, Mismembered w/Umbrella Men, Heavy Birds,        Jared Friedman, Binary Star System, Alex DeMaria, Anna Morgan, Fauning

-  This Red Ear: an afternoon of music at This Red Door, featuring Jared Friedman,    EMSO, Hartwell Littlejohn and Anna Morgan

-  George Positive  Negative World

-  Loss and TranslationA Live Storytelling Event, with stories by: Gavin Starr      Kendall, Hollis Witherspoon, Asa Gauen and The Story Band

-  Emotional Vouchers John Keene presents Emotional Vouchers a project by the        Field Research Study Group”

-   Critical Inversions – Artist to Critic, and the Publics in Between. A discussion with        critic Ken Johnson, artist Lisa Corinne Davis, artist Anoka Faruqee and artist William        Villalongo



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