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This Red Door

at Kunsthalle, Galapagos II (Brooklyn, New York)

January - February, 2014




-  Perforation of the Fibonacci Series in a Book with Elena Berriolo

-  Two Films: Stack and Rajikon by Daniel Seiple

-  Monoprint Workshop with Michael Hecht

-  Instant Composition by Christopher Loy

-  Horizons by Mel Skluzacek

-  COFFEE CRAZY Book Party with Robert Galinsky

-  Jenny Get Around and SlipnSlide with Stephen Ellis

-  “Why Collaborate?” with Cathy Lebowitz & Steph Gonzalez-Turner

-  Recent Video Work by Cassandra Troyan

-  German Invasion with Susanna Claussen, Matthias Droste, Janine Eggert, Nadja      Frank, Marte Kiessling, Leo Lazar, Anik Lazar, Renata Palekcic, Daniela          Schult, and Johanna Tiedtke

-  LAZAR CRASH – a Multimedia Duet with Anik & Leo Lazar

-  Finding… by Anna Bradfield & Gary Dusek

-  Hearsay Heresy with Michael Levin & Boris Rasin

-  Transfiguration on Forked River Mountain and Empire with Brent Everett            Dickinson & Jean-Marc Superville Sovak

-  Dance Happens at This Red Door with Caitlin Cook & Nora Stephens

-  PRIVATE MATERIALS: Studio Source Materials for Abstraction with Judy Cooke

-  The Art of the Artist Talk (Lightning Round), hosted by Blake Carrington with

   Marte Kiessling, Zefrey Throwell, Christopher Gianunzio, Sarah Chipps, Deborah    Johnson, Sean McElroy, Sarah Nelson Wright, Dana Levy, Colin Todd, David          Colosi, Julie McKim, and Shane Hope

-  Slippers for Elsewhere Book Party by Matthew Burgess

-  Screenings and Lecture with Shanghai Kate, hosted by Rona Yefman

-  Daily Fresh Herbs: Cooking & Performance by Per Schumann & Malte Zacharias

-  Meat Cleavers and Screen Savers for the New Age by 6.0 GROUP: Jody Wood, Karl    Erickson, Jamie Diamond, Kimberly Ruth, Elisabeth Smolars, Rachel Stevens,        Meredith Drum and Tamar Ettun

-  Gallery Hours by TRD FRIENDS and FAMILY

-  Helen Frankenthaler’s Obituaries by Mike Cloud

-  real transitions, ideal musings by Joan Waltemath & Shelby Kaye

-  Blue Moon by Dominik Bucher

-  This Red Ear, act 2 with Allison Tuzo, Anna Morgan, George Positive, Sadhak      Hearst & Jared Friedman

-  Anna Morgan at This Red Door with special guest Lane Koivu (aka DJ Wet Angel)

-  An evening with JOE WEIL

-  Waiting Room, an evening curated by Leah Wolff & Guy Ben-Ari

-  Whip It on Me, Jim with a TRD ENSEMBLE CAST

-  Flamenco Magnetico by Nicolas Anatol Baginsky

-  Emotional Outreach Project, 5.0: Emotional Exercises by John Keene

-  WE ARE DUDE CORE by Johanna Tiedtke & Daisy Atterbury

   with Jamie Kelly & Genji Amino

-  Screening by Dani Leventhal

-  “Opening” with This Red Door & PERSONAL DESIRE PROPAGANDA





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